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Campbells Sauces

Campbell's Slower Cooker Sauces was on sale in ShopRite and I had a coupon, so I gave it a try. The pouch reminded me of the Kitchens of India stuff I used to buy before it vanished from my local grocery store shelves. Of course, the Kitchen of India brand had beans and also potatoes in certain varieties. This is just the sauce. Apparently there are two other styles in this line up. There's skillet sauces and oven sauces. Skeptic that I am, I just assumed they are all the same other than the packaging and the recipe instructions printed on the back. I did not make my slow cooker sauce in a slow cooker. I also did not add chicken. I read the ingredients before purchasing and the moroccon stew flavor was meat free. I can't vouch for the other flavors in that regard. It read similar to a curry, but with cilantro too. That definitely appealed to me. I'm a cilantro lover. When I opened the pouch it was just an ordinary bag of sauce. I could not see any reason why it needed

How To Make a Sandwich Without Meat or Cheese

How do you make a sandwich without meat? It's the million dollar question. It seems impossible, but it's really quite easy. It also tastes great, costs less, is better for you and doesn't require refrigeration. Start with an awesome, hearty bread like rye or whole wheat. Bread is the most important ingredient in your sandwich. It's the foundation. Upgrade from mayo to hummus. Creamy, rich and with boat loads more flavor. It tastes better and is better for you. Supermarket hummus now comes in a crazy assortment of flavors, brands and price ranges. Add salty, succulent beans. Black beans have a great meat like texture and bite. They are a perfect meat substitute. They don't taste like meat.  They taste better. They feel like ground beef. They taste salty, starchy and a little bit sweet. Other great sandwich beans are kidney, red, lentils and pinto. Don't forget to add your condiments. Nurtitional yeast paired with tart pickles creates a gooey che
there's often internet chatter about food waste, particularly in America, and how that contributes to overall hunger. I hate to waste food. I'm adamant about finishing the bread even though the use by date was a week ago. I'm not falling for it. Just another trick by manufactuers to get us to discard perfectly usable food and spend more money. Bread seems to magically stay fresh for weeks. It just doesn't go stale like it used to when I was younger. And I fail to understand how garbage food like oreos and keebler cookies can expire. If anything they were never fit for human consumption to begin with. This whole mass dating system is just one more example of ambgious rules being maniuplated by unscrupulous companies to convince fearful consumers that they need to discard and buy more. Captilaism at its ugliest peak. I'm 40 and when I was a kid nothing had dates except eggs, milk, cheese and meats. Now everything does. It's a ridiculous and inspidid deception tah

Sweet Soy Glazed Grilled Chicken

Twas the day after Labor Day and I had chicken leg quarters  and corn on the cob to cook. The chicken was for my mom. The corn was for both of us. Yes, I cook her meat. Why? Because she's going to eat it regardless. And at least, if I cook it, it'll be delicious. Instead of having suffered and died to be dry and tasteless. In my opinion, grilled corn is far and away one of the best foods one can eat. Simple, yet profound in its flavor and texture. I prefer early summer white Jersey corn. It's much sweeter and more crisp. But late summer yellow corn is juicy and chars much better. It comes off the grill with a distinctly smokey flavor that definitely screams summer! Whichever corn is available, I grill it naked. Husk discarded and nothing on it except the kiss of fire and smoke. Chicken on the other hand needs a lot more help. Veggies in general are perfection cooked lightly in their natural state. Meats require finesse. When grilling chicken I always bathe it in some high