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Vegan Tofu Ice Cream Recipe

I got an ice cream maker on Amazon for $20 and was excited to try to make vegan ice cream. It was something I'd been thinking about for a while.  Since I was new to this particular process, I decided to start with a simple vanilla. Anyway, I've always been a fan of classic vanilla.  Ingredients One 16 oz package medium tofu, broken into large chunks 1/3 cup almond milk 2 1/2 tsps vanilla extract 1/2 cup sugar alternative Instructions Add all ingredients to a food processor and buzz until silky and smooth.  Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and let it churn.  Every ice cream maker is different. So times will vary greatly. Keep an eye on it.  I removed mine when it was semi-frozen, but still a little soft. It took 20 minutes. Too many episodes of 'Chopped' have given me a fear of over churning. Even though you probably can't over churn a tofu base.  You can enjoy it right away. I tried it and it was very good straight out of the machine. A tender soft serve. 

Garlic Arugula Pesto Puree Vegan Recipe

If you like pesto and you also like garlic puree, then you'll like this. It combines both into one. When it's hot outside I try to limit my heat based cooking. Using the oven or stove in a heat wave is no fun for you and no good for the environment.  This recipes creates a quick broth to extract flavor and then it all goes to the blender to finish.  Recipe Ingredients 3 oz arugula 1 small head garlic (or 7 cloves), peeled and chunked 2 jalapeno, cut into small chunks 1 serrano, cut into small chunks 2 guajillo, stems/seeds removed and torn in half 1/4 cup garbanzos, drained and rinsed 3/4 cups water 2 tbls olive oil 1 tbl salt 1 tsp dry thyme 1/2 tsp black pepper Recipe Instructions Add to a medium sauce pot the garlic, water, chiles, oil, salt, black pepper and thyme. Cover and bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes.  Add the arugula. Continue to simmer covered until the arugula is wilted down. About 3 minutes.  Add the contents, plus the garb

Very Hot Vegan Garlic Chile Sauce Recipe

This recipe is another exploration of creating vegan sauces using almond milk and beans.  I've sort of spoiled myself with so many different sauces that now, if I don't have one, I feel like the meal is missing something.  So I came up with another.  This one is pretty hot and spicy. But that's how I prefer my sauces.  Recipe Ingredients 1 cup almond milk 2 tbls sriracha 1/2 cup kidney beans 2 tbls olive oil 6 cloves garlic 1 jalapeno 1 serrano 1 habanero 2 guajillo 1 tbl salt 1 tsp black pepper 2 tsps dry oregano Recipe Instructions In a medium sauce pot over medium heat toast the chiles with the salt for 5 minutes.  Add the oil, garlic, black pepper and oregano.  Continue to cook over medium heat for 5 more minutes, stirring often.  Pour in the almond milk and sriracha. Lower the heat to medium low. Simmer uncovered for 5 minutes.  Remove the guajillo. Add the mixture to a blender. Puree until smooth. 

Vegan Lentil Bacon Bits Recipe

  A google search for lentil bacon bits results in many recipes. The ones I read just didn't seem all that great.  My vegan lentil bacon bits are super crunchy and also very easy to make. From start to finish, it only takes about 30 minutes. This includes the cooking time.  They're so good that I often just snack on them straight up like nuts.  Recipe Ingredients 1 1/2 cups dry lentils 2 tbls olive oil 1/3 cup water 1 1/2 tbls salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp crushed pepper flakes 1/2 tsp dry thyme Grind the dry lentils in a coffee/spice grinder until broken down, but not total dust. You want some chunks. A few pulses per 3/4 cup dose.  Add the lentils and remaining ingredients to a small mixing bowl and stir until the mixture is completely moistened. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium high heat. Press the mixture evenly and flatly to fill it. For this amount, you'll have to do two batches.  Allow it cook undisturbed for several minutes until th

Vegan El Diablo Sauce Recipe

As I've learned from years of watching the Food Network and Masterchef UK, it's the sauce that brings it all together. A good sauce can take your food from mediocre to magnificent. There are several classic methods for thickening sauces. Roux, cornstarch slurry, butter, bread and reduction. All tried and true techniques.  None of which were used to thicken this particular sauce.  One of my favorite methods for thickening sauces is to use a pre-fab emulsifier (mustard or sriracha) and some beans. Whichever beans fit the sauce's flavor and color.  It's a quick and easy way that uses ingredients you probably already have on hand.  Recipe Ingredients 1 Cup Almond Milk 1 Habanero, chunked 1 Serrano, chunked 1 Jalapeno, chunked 1 Guajillo Chile 5 Cloves Garlic, sliced 1/4 cup Kidney Beans, drained and rinsed 3 Tbls Sriracha 1 Tbl Olive Oil 2 1/2 Tsps Dry Thyme Leaves 2 1/2 Tsps Salt 1 Tsp Black Pepper Recipe Instructions In a medium sauce pot simmer the milk, chiles, garlic,