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Vegan Potato and Pea Soup

Here's a simple and easy recipe to make your own vegan potato and pea soup. It's a little bit creamy, a little bit salty and has a touch of garlic kick. This recipe is very flexible. It can be soup or mashed taters or whatever style you like inbetween. Ingredients 1 can vegetable broth 6 medium white potatoes (cleaned and cut into 1/2 inch chunks) 1/2 cup soy or almond milk 4 cloves garlic smashed 1/2 cup frozen green peas basil for seasoning In a large sauce pan boil potatoes in water until just barely tender. Pierce with a fork. When the fork goes in, but not too easily, remove potatoes from water. Return to pot, add broth and continue to simmer until very soft. Add frozen peas. Simmer 5-10 minute longer. Or until everything is soft enough to easily mash by hand. Turn off heat, but leave pot on hot burner. Add garlic and use either a hand potato masher or an electric mixer to puree ingredients until thick and only slightly lumpy. Stir in milk and seasoning. Co

Vegan Eats Vitamin A and Citric Acid

when i first went (mostly) vegan there was no problem whatsoever. but it wasn't that long before my cockiness turned into concern. about month, maybe a month and a half. symptoms began to sprout. mysterious ones which google and yahoo answers could not explain to me. i researched like no one has ever researched before on the Internet, but found very little, if any answers. so i just wanted to detail some of my issues in case some others out there have similar problems, perhaps they might find some insights more easily that i did. the first issue that showed itself was the same amount of citric acid I'd always consumed was suddenly way too much. i didn't even know there was citric acid in diet soda and coffee until this started happening. orange juice became problematic. as did canned tomatoes which use it as a preservative. my symptom was that overnight while sleeping the mucous in my ears wouldn't drain. i guess my Eustachian tube swelled up or something. after b