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The Right Way to Make a Bean Sandwich

There's seems to be a great discconect about bean sandwiches which pervades both society and the internet. Most recipes either call for mashed fried cake versions or pureed into slurry stuffs. Nothing could be further from the truth of it. Think instead of the classic sloppy joe, but imagine it somewhat less sloppy. Think of your beans as a form of  'ground meat' and build your sandwich accordingly. No pureeed gloopy mess. No fussing with mixing in bread crumbs, shaping and pan frying. The key is hummus. Spread your bread with hummus, then lay on the plain rinsed canned beans. Any beans will do. Except garbanzos. They are too firm. But you can use black, red, kidney, lentil, pinto, etc. Or a mix of several kinds of beans. Nestle your beans into the hummus in s single layer over the bread.. They will magically stick to the bread! Top with sliced onions, cheese, lettuce, kale, etc. Use your favorite sandwich toppings. Tomato, Jalapeno, Pickle. Whatever. This is a normal sandw