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I get a lot of searches for this... so as far as I know, yes, Sabbra Hummus is vegan. It's just chick peas, lemon juice and tahini for the most part. You could contact Sabbra to confirm, but I think it's safe to say hummus of any sort of vegan. It's simply the nature of hummus. Datem on the other hand is a complete mystery. I should no doubt be in contact with various bread companies, but do I really want to know the asnwer. Do I really want to discover that ordinary wheat bread is somehow made using dead animal parts. It's not a best case scenario, that's for sure. Another popular search is Progresso vegetarian soup. There are several of which I"m avare. What I appreciate about this brand is they label them accordinly. It's very considerate. If it says vegetable soup on the front and you turn the can to the nutritonal info, it may say in the top in bold that it's non-vegetarian. Smart. A lot of folks assume if it says veg on the front that it's saf