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No Cook Soyracha Hummus Sauce Recipe

It's been very hot here. Don't much like to cook when it's very hot. But I always like to cook. Faced with this conundrum I figured I'd try something that didn't require cooking.  Everything is better with a good sauce. So, how about a no cook vegan sauce? It's really simple, but quite tasty . Also tried a technique I've seen used on some cooking shows. Drizzled/spattered the sauce using a whisk. Just to try something  a little different.  The sauce itself is amazingly easy to make. Took just a few minutes.  1/2 cup hummus (use your favorite flavor) 3 tbls soy sauce 2 tbls sriracha 2 tbls red wine vinegar Whisk together all in a small bowl. That's it. You've got sauce. 

The Real Problem with Plant Based Fast Food

 Corporate America fails to understand its patrons on a regular basis. Their mindset is such that if we provide some mediocre product that fits into the loose guidelines of their beliefs then they will pay us for it. That may well be a true factor for many customers.  But vegans and vegetarians are a different breed.  We're not going to give money to corporations that are responsible for the slaughter of countless animals simply because they've offered us a plant based alternative.  Whether or not this food is convenient or delicious is irrelevant.  Contributing to the profits for companies that participate in the mass torture/murder of thousands upon thousands of animals daily is not something we can stomach.