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Raw Numbers

Meat consumption and religion are pretty similar I've discovered. From a very young age we are taught certain 'important' things. Most of us anyway. We are educated (brainwashed) to believe in our parents religion. We are also conditioned to believe we must eat meat. The two are not related as far as I know, but are both sad perpetuations of a time long since passed. We do not need god. Nor do we need to eat meat. God is not real. God is the imagination of people too scared to face a vast and empty universe that doesn't care whether they live or die. God is the crutch of the weak. The afraid. Those who cannot face a life that doesn't offer some meaning. When the reality is not to our liking, we invent faith. Magic creatures in the sky to give us purpose. In most cases people's parents taught them their religion. They were conditioned from their infancy to believe. The same is true for eating animals. We are trained to these wrong behaviors. People don'

Best Sandwich Ever

For my birthday my brother gave me a sample pack of four hot sauces. Ranging from smokey mild to fiery hot. And I have to say they certainly enhance a vegetarian sandwich. I know that meat eaters think we're crazy and lack any taste bud, but I love a good sandwich. And I never had a better sandwich than the ones I've had since I began eating meat free. No turkey or roast beef can compare. The trick is in layering the flavors and textures. I've never enjoyed my sandwiches more. You must first start with delicious bread. Something hearty. Like whole wheat, rye or a chewy kaiser roll. Once you have a great bread you need to slather it with hummus. Choose your own favorite flavor. then load your spreading knife up with some smokey hot sauce. About 1/2 teaspoon. And spread that evenly into the hummus already on your bread. Use a fork to add a light layer of beans to your saturated bread. Black or Kidney beans work really well. Pinto and Red are also good choice. A sparse

Lopsided Food Ratios

I've been trying to come up with an idea for a new post here, but have been stymied. I've already shared all the recipes I've ever invented regarding vegetarian and vegan cuisine. I'm more of a Sandra Dee type of cook. I'll take preflavored rice mix and add veggies and beans. Not really a recipe. Just laziness. Although I did discover that some Progresso soups are pretty good added to salad. Instead of dressing I used the Garden Vegetable soup and another time the Lentil. Both worked out very nicely with the addition of some nutritional yeast to thicken things up and add nuance and texture. Overall I've bee preoccupied with thinking about people's resistance to eating less meat. I understand it's hard to give it up altogether. Sadly, some meats can be quite tasty. But with all the risks and illnesses associated with it, you'd think that people would at least want to consume far less of it. Treat it more like a treat than a staple. The saddest p

Meat Selection

I wish someone could explain to me people's mentality toward animals. It completely baffles me. There are certain animals that are pets. Dogs and cats the most notable. These animals should not be harmed and should be treated with respect. These animals actually have laws in place to protect them. That's wonderful. I like dogs and cats and don't want to see them harmed. But how do other animals wind up with the bum rap of being abused, tortured and eaten and no one thinks twice? What did cows ever do to us? Or chickens either? All around the world people proclaim themselves "animal lovers" and champion the rights of pit bulls and stray cats. yet those same people have no problem at all with the fact that thousands upon thousands of food animals are mercilessly abused and slaughtered daily so that they can have hamburgers and chicken fingers. What's most baffling is the selection process. How did dogs and cats get so lucky. Both of which would eat us if t