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Polenta - Easy Vegan Polenta

Recently I discovered polenta. What a wonderful food. Simple. Cheap. Delicious. I scoured the Internet for polenta recipes. They all seemed so complicated. But polenta is supposed to be simple. And it can be. It is. My polenta is easy, inexpensive and tastes great. I like to use it as a condiment. A vegan mayonnaise if you will. It adds great flavor to sandwiches and helps to keep the other ingredients on the bread. Bean sandwiches work much better with some polenta to keep everything intact. It also add texture, lots of flavor and nutrition. Simple vegan polenta that's fast and tasty. 1 can vegetable broth 1 cup corn meal 5 cloves slice garlic 2 tbls vegan margarine 2 tbl nutritional yeast black pepper, paprika, onion powder and garlic powder Warm your broth in a whisk safe sauce pot. When its hot begin slowly whisking in your corn meal until it has all been incorporated. Continue whisking while heating over medium heat until it has reached the consistency of thin mashed potatoes.