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Low Calorie Deconstructed Apple Pie

I don't generally do desserts. It's easier to just have a piece of chocolate or buy a cookie. I do however, love apple pie. Unfortunately I can't eat too much of it. It's not really that good for you. And good apple pie is very hard to find. Mrs. Smith's just isn't what it used to be. Anyway, I had the idea to just make the inside part, minus the crust. But I would also use way less sugar and fat. I got a big bag of gala apples and a few limes. I began by creating acidulated water with one of the limes. Then I started to peel and slice my apples. Tossing the slices into the water so they wouldn't turn brown. When I'd done 5 apples, I stopped and heated a 12 inch skillet. Add to that 1/3 cup water, 1/3 of my apples and a pinch of salt. Cook apples until tender. Then add cinnamon and 1 tsp butter. Cook 2-3 minutes more until liquid thickens. Remove from pan. Return pan to heat and add another 1/3 cup water, 1/3 of apples and a pinch of salt. This t

Curryish Barley and Lentils

I've never bought ground turmeric before, but I recently purchased some. I love the flavor. It's the magnificent backbone of all the world's great curries. And it has the awesome power to transform ordinary ingredients into something exciting and exotic. This isn't a true curry. It's more of a indian inspired minimalist approach. It's got a little heat and a lot of flavor. But it's not quite as assertive as a true curry. 1/2 cup dry pearl barley 1/2 cup dry lentils 12 ounce package frozen broccoli and cauliflower mix 2 cups onion broth (see instructions below) 3 large garlic cloves sliced extra thin 1-2 small jalapenos minced (retain the seeds and ribs) 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp ground cumin 1/2 tsp ground cayenne pepper 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper To make the broth... 2 cups water 1/2 cup dry white wine 2 green tea bags Skins, roots and tops from 2 large spanish onions 3 cloves garlic roughly chopped Ribs and seeds from 2