Lopsided Food Ratios

I've been trying to come up with an idea for a new post here, but have been stymied. I've already shared all the recipes I've ever invented regarding vegetarian and vegan cuisine. I'm more of a Sandra Dee type of cook. I'll take preflavored rice mix and add veggies and beans. Not really a recipe. Just laziness.

Although I did discover that some Progresso soups are pretty good added to salad. Instead of dressing I used the Garden Vegetable soup and another time the Lentil. Both worked out very nicely with the addition of some nutritional yeast to thicken things up and add nuance and texture.

Overall I've bee preoccupied with thinking about people's resistance to eating less meat. I understand it's hard to give it up altogether. Sadly, some meats can be quite tasty. But with all the risks and illnesses associated with it, you'd think that people would at least want to consume far less of it. Treat it more like a treat than a staple.

The saddest part of all is that I know if the media and the government and the corporations decided to promote this premise the majority of people would fall in line and obey. Most people tend to do what the media and the government tells them to do.

I don't know why the government isn't exploiting this. It could solve a lot of problems. Meat farmers would not have to go out of business. They could simply grow other foods.

Food could be so much cheaper if we weren't wasting so much of it to feed animals. The amount of food we use to feed slaughter animal is 2 times the amount of food their carcasses eventually yield. It varies by animal. Pork is 3.6. So we're wasting more than half our food supply to make meat rather than just eating or sharing all that  food.

Even if meat consumption/demand were simply cut back substantially (not eliminated) that would have a huge impact.


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