No Cook Soyracha Hummus Sauce Recipe

It's been very hot here. Don't much like to cook when it's very hot. But I always like to cook.

Faced with this conundrum I figured I'd try something that didn't require cooking. 

Everything is better with a good sauce. So, how about a no cook vegan sauce?

It's really simple, but quite tasty .
Also tried a technique I've seen used on some cooking shows. Drizzled/spattered the sauce using a whisk. Just to try something  a little different. 

The sauce itself is amazingly easy to make. Took just a few minutes. 

1/2 cup hummus (use your favorite flavor)
3 tbls soy sauce
2 tbls sriracha
2 tbls red wine vinegar

Whisk together all in a small bowl. That's it. You've got sauce. 


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