How To Make a Sandwich Without Meat or Cheese

How do you make a sandwich without meat? It's the million dollar question. It seems impossible, but it's really quite easy. It also tastes great, costs less, is better for you and doesn't require refrigeration.

Start with an awesome, hearty bread like rye or whole wheat. Bread is the most important ingredient in your sandwich. It's the foundation.

Upgrade from mayo to hummus. Creamy, rich and with boat loads more flavor. It tastes better and is better for you. Supermarket hummus now comes in a crazy assortment of flavors, brands and price ranges.

Add salty, succulent beans. Black beans have a great meat like texture and bite. They are a perfect meat substitute. They don't taste like meat.  They taste better. They feel like ground beef. They taste salty, starchy and a little bit sweet. Other great sandwich beans are kidney, red, lentils and pinto.

Don't forget to add your condiments. Nurtitional yeast paired with tart pickles creates a gooey cheese like amalgam that's hard to beat. I often prefer it to real cheese. Plus it's way more nutritious. Full of B12 and complete proteins.

Don't skimp on texture. Add some vibrant romaine and or raw onion for that crisp snap and assertive bite every sandwich needs to truly be great. . A sandwich just isn't complete without lettuce. And romaine is far superior to that old standby iceberg. Or try green cabbage in place of lettuce.


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