Vegan Vanilla Banana Tofu Ice Cream Recipe

I've been making tofu ice cream lately. It started with vanilla. Then went to chocolate. Now I'm onto banana. 

Oddly, I'm not normally a fan of banana based desserts. Never have been. However, I felt in this case it could work. 

Since the vegan tofu ice cream base lacks a lot of the flavor of a classic egg and cream based kind, I thought that maybe a fruit like banana might give it that depth that the plain vanilla was lacking. 

I could totally see where peanut butter would also be spectacular, but I don't eat peanut butter. So banana it was. 

While I enjoyed my original vanilla flavored tofu ice cream, it did feel a little one note. I thought it worked better as a dessert sauce rather than the star of the show. 

The banana did the trick for sure. It was more complex flavor-wise and it was also a creamier texture. So score one for banana based desserts. 

1 package soft tofu, drained and chunked
1 small banana, chunked
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar alternative
1/3 cup almond milk
1 tbl olive oil
1/2 tsp salt

Add all, except the banana to your blender. Chop/puree to semi-smooth. Add the banana and chop/puree again until a velvety and viscous liquid is achieved.

I've had both positive and negative experiences with using salt with sugar alternatives. 

I have found that erythritol based products are enhanced by a little salt, while allulose based products sweeten better without it. This has been my experience. Your experience may differ. 

Churn your tofu ice cream based in your ice cream machine and enjoy. 

Some of the base always sticks frozen to the sides. I leave it in the fridge to melt and use it as a cold sauce. No sense wasting all the goodness. 


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