Edamame Tofu Mousse Recipe

This is an easy puree that boasts plenty of protein. Tofu and edamame don't inherently have much flavor, but they act as vehicles to carry tthe other flavors we'll be adding. 

1 10-12 oz package frozen edamame
1/2 package silken firm tofu
2 tbls olive oil
1 tbl white vinegar
1 jalapeno, deseeded and chunked
1 serrano, deseeded and chunked
1 large garlic clove
2 1/2 tsps salt

A double hit of soy protein with the tofu and the edamame. 

If available look for shelled edamame. I mistakenly got it still in the pods  It's a bit of extra work to get them all out of their casings. Edamame pods are not edible. Only the beans within are. 

Steam in the bag type also simplifies things. But you can defrost standard frozen veg in the microwave in a covered bowl with a few tablespoons of water. 3-4 minutes. It doesn't need to be hot. Just thawed. 

Puree until smooth in your food processor. 

Add it to virtually any savory dish to amp up the flavor and the creamy factor. 


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