Sweet and Salty Broccoli Chops

There's a vegan trend of taking veg and kind of preparing and serving it in a similar way that one might do with meat products. Cauliflower steak, roasted cabbage quarters, carrot steak, etc.

So with fresh broccoli florets on sale, I figured I'd try to do broccoli chops. If you cut them right they kinda resemble the shape of lamb chops or pork chops.

As far as taste was concerned, I just wanted deep, umami flavor and broccoli's natural roasted texture.

It's a rich and satisfying bite. It has outer crunch and inner chew. The crust on the outside is sweet, salty and smoky.

Broccoli Chop Glaze
3 tbls olive oil
2 tbls hot sauce
2 tbls soy sauce

Trim the ends off of the bottoms of the florets. Cut the florets down the center and into quarters to get a chop like shape. Out of two florets I got 6 chops.

Brush generously all over with the glaze and then season judiciously with salt and pepper.

Char in a high heat skillet on both sides and the tops.

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