Meat is Murder

On my walk today I came across a young cow. I don't live in a location where one would encounter many cows. There are a bunch of horse ranches in the next town north. There are some goats. Some donkeys. Some bulls. Some alpaca.

Even though I live in a fairly populous city, it is surrounded by rural areas.

I've come across a variety of domesticated animals. Several steer that I know became someone's dinner.

Plenty of horses.

But cows are extremely rare. I've never encountered a cow before this close to home. This close up.

My first thought? I hope it does't become someone's dinner.

It had no interest in me. All it cared about was noshing on as much grass as it could.

It's a big, dumb animal. Still, it's just an animal. Like a dog or a cat. It deserves our mercy.

We don't need to eat animals. We don't need to exploit them. We have so many alternative methods for creating nutritious food.

The irony being, a cow would never eat us. Yet our pets...dogs and cats would feast on our flesh if we were dead and they were hungry.

Growing animals exclusively to become food is inhumane at the heart of it.

We no longer need to cultivate animals for food. We can get all the nutrition we need through plants and supplements.

Continuing to eat them simply because they taste good is sociopathic.

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