Food Packaging Poisoning

I have a bit of a story to tell regarding food and chemical sensitivities. It's been a trying few months. Every time I ate I felt congested and like I was coming down with a cold. I was certain that wasn't the case though. Since hours later, I would feel fine again.

I wasted a lot of time blaming a lot of innocent foods. Finally I hit upon some real correlation. I had a terrible few days after eating a bunch of potato chips and few cans of diet soda. So at last, I asked myself what canned soda and potato chips have in common. Nothing?  Except the packaging. Soda cans are lined with plastic as are potato chip bags.

I also eat a lot of beans and soy. Which are already known to masquerade as human hormones. I had been using the bean can liquid to make sauces. So I was getting a big dose of plastic from the brine the canned beans were packaged with. Certain chemical that are leached by plastic have a similar effect on the body. Disrupting natural hormones. And I was ingesting a lot of plastic.

I was using plastic wrap to cover my bagels. Plastic wrap, according to the Internet, is basically poison.

I was so full of plastic I should've turned into elastic woman.

Everything we buy is basically stored in plastic.

The worst part is, it builds up over time. So the toxicity becomes more severe

After having made a concerted effort to limit my plastics I am experiencing less and milder symptoms.

Obviously the amount of exposure is key. There's a tolerable limit for each individual. On the other hand though, if something is bad for you, do you want to intentionally ingest it at any levels? My thinking, is no.

But it's practically impossible not to have foods packaged in plastics.

If however, you're experiencing weird cold like symptoms you cannot correlate to any specific food group or illness, I would suggest you take a look at the plastics you're using, those that are in the foods you're consuming and how many canned products are in your diet. Also don't reuse plastics that are not intended to be reused. Like retail water and drink bottles. They quickly break down with repeated use and leach harmful chemicals into whatever you store in them.

I struggled with this for a month or two. It was quite frustrating. To finally find the culprit was an incredible relief. I hope this helps someone.


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