Boca Turk'y Veggie Burgers

I often check the frozen vegetarian section of shoprite for boca vegan burgers. They usually only have the chick'n patties or the very large box of vegan burgers.

I wind up buying the chick'n patties because I don't want a box of ten. The chick'n patties are really good, but occasionally I want that more traditional veggie patty feel.

Last time I checked, I found the turk'y burgers four pack. I was pleased because they were labelled as vegan.

I had no lofty expectations. I've always been satisfied with boca products and assumed they'd be at least satisfactory..

They were actually very good. Better than I expected. Good taste and texture. A very pleasing sandwich.

Should they stick around, I'd definitely purchase them again. They're low cal and high protein. The taste is good. The texture is moist, but not mushy.

Very good vegan patty.


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