Turmeric and Paprika Lentils and Barley

Turmeric adds a unique flavor to any dish. One of the my favorite spice combinations is turmeric and paprika. They just make for a beautiful, deep flavor when accompanied by the right supporting players.

Indian and Asian cuisine are a natural fusion. They have so much in common. India is in Asia, of course. So it's already Asian cuisine. But when I think of Asian food, I think of Chinese, Thai and Japanese.

This recipe is essentially, a minimalist curry that borrows from both cultures. A deeply flavored broth is sucked up by the lentils and the barley. Creating a beautiful taste to both and yielding an unctuous and rich broth.

Red wine isn't a typical component in either Asian or Indian dishes, but I love how it works with the traditional of spices and veg. You can pretty much add wine to any savory recipe and it will improve it by leaps and bounds.

1/2 cup dry lentils
1/2 cup dry pearl barley
1 poblano, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1/2 red onion, diced
5 cloves garlic, sliced thinly
1 jalapeno, diced
1 serrano, diced
1 inch ginger, minced

2 tsps spicy mustard
2 tbls low sodium soy sauce
2 tbls asian garlic chili sauce
1 tsp hot sauce
3 tbls olive oil
1/4 cup red wine

2 1/2 tsps turmeric
2 1/2 tsps paprika
2 tps salt
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp cumin seed
1 tsp celery seed
1 tsps seasame seed
2 tsps black pepper
2 handfuls fresh parsley

water as needed

Add all veg to large saute pan, plus salt and black pepper. Cook until pan is hot. Add oil. Stir to coat. Simmer 2 more minutes. Add wine. Cook down for 5 minutes. Add lentils, barley, spices, sauces, 1 cup water. Cover and simmer until liquid is absobred. Add more water, 1/2 cup at a time, as needed until lentils and barley are barely tender. Stirring occasionally. When lentils and barley are just barely tender stir in 1/2 cup more water and parsley. Cover. Turn off heat. Allow to rest in hot pan on hot burner.


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