The Involuntary Vegan

So I did something stupid. It wasn't supposed to be stupid, but it turned out that way. I believed the hype and thought I wasn't getting enough B12 from cereal, nooch and cheese. So I got a supplement. Didn't take it every day. Once a week for 3 weeks.

I read all over that B12 is water soluable and not dangerous in high doses. Is flushed out in the urine. Can't be stored in the body.

Well, it's been stored in my body. Specifically in my lower jawbone. Or rather two protusions that erupted from it. One in the front and one way in the back.

I went to the dentist and the oral surgeon. It's not teeth. All my wisdom teeth are exactly where they've always been. I've also never had teeth extracted. It's not leftover tooth or bone from a dental procedure. It's not tori or bone spurs. It's not symmetrical and it also shrinks when I stop eating certain foods and grows when I eat others. Literally hours after consumption.

I stopped the vitamin. That helped a lot. I haven't taken in any significant amounts of B12 in a couple weeks and things have gotten better. I don't feel deficient at all. No foggy head. No unusual tiredness. No bleeding gums. In fact, if I consume anything with even a little bit of B12 the jaw swelling increases and begins to ache.

So for me there's no choice in the matter. No cheese. No fortified cereal. No eggs.

I think veganism is an admirable choice. I was one for a while. I'd love to be vegan again, but cheese tastes so good. And dairy is lurking in so many foods.

I wish I could find more info about this phenomenon on the internet, but it seems I am alone. Or at least no one's published anything about it.

Is it possible if you're vegetarian long enough that your body develops a way of storing B12? That it learns to get by on much less B12? or some combo of both of these things?

Is this the next step in human evolution? People love to say humanity evolved to eat meat as an excuse for eating it. They say it as if evolution is over and done. Evolution is an endless and ongoing process. We are always evolving. How we live today shapes our future evoltuion. We can just as readily evolve to not need meat. Perhaps this is the first signs of that distant possibility.


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