Campbell's Soup

So I was in the food store in the soup aisle. I was looking for cream of asparagus soup. It used to be good to turn into a sauce for pasta. I've looked for it more than once, but it appears to be gone. So my next thought is cream of celery. Which is basically poor man's cream of asparagus.

I grab a can from the shelf and turn it over to read the ingredients. I'm shocked when I find chicken stock near the top of the list. I put it back, unwilling to consume it and depressed I may have mistakenly consumed it in the past.

I pick up another can and read the ingredients. No chicken stock.

Thoroughly confused, I examine the front of the labels. One is 98% fat free. The other is standard. The low fat version has chicken stock.

More puzzled than ever I begin scrutinizing additional cans. When I discover other 98% fat free cans do not contain chicken.

I wonder to myself, is it being phased out or phased in.

I go to the Campbell's website, but the nutrition info doesn't reveal ingredients.

I get a lot of frowns, sighs, scoffs from meat eaters. They're often telling me I should be eating some dead thing or another. Vegetarians make meat eaters extremely uncomfortable. Without saying a word we make them feel very guilty. But that's not on us. They should feel guilty.


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