No Veggie Burger at Ruby Tuesday Anymore

Last time I was at Ruby Tuesday, which was only a few weeks ago, I was told the veggie burgers were off the menu. Gone. I was in shock. How do you go from two awesome meatless patties to none at all. That's simply not logical. Especially when all your competitors are offering meatless burgers.

It was a sad day for me personally. The Ruby Tuesday veggie burger was my favorite. I craved it. It had the perfect balance of flavor and texture. It was not to dry, not too wet. It had it all.

And then like a dream, it was gone.

That's what I get for trusting a chain restaurant. Betrayal.

Ruby Tuesday may or may not care, but I'll not likely return. There's no reason to do so. Their mediocre selection of regular food is no temptation. And their salad bar lost its shiny new appeal many months ago.

What's most inexplicable to me is that change took place right after a brand new Red Robin moved in practically next door. Their menu features a veggie burger that can be customized. I've had it once. I was not impressed, but at least they gave me the option.

I can't even begin to understand the thinking that removes the veggie burger from the menu in this day and age.

Count me as one more alienated patron.


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