Vitamin D Cured My Dandruff

So I learned something new and interesting recently. Apparently a vitamin D deficiency can cause dandruff.

I got a bad case of dandruff last year and had no clue why. I tried different shampoos and conditioners. Vinegar helped, but only a little. Extra brushing also had some mildly positive effects.

Side note: I totally endorse vinegar as the best hair conditioner. No more frizz and no more oily build up. Just happy, shiny hair.

Anyway, was totally lost as to the cause of the flakeage.

I never did figure it out. I just resigned myself to the circumstances.

Then quite by accident I found the cure. I started having cereal with almond milk again. Just cause I was craving the sweet crunch.

Almost immediately my dandruff was gone. Since vitamin D is so hard to come by, I'm guessing that was the culprit.

And thinking back now, to other outbreaks I can see the connection between lack of vitamin D and flake attacks.

In short, the cure for dandruff is almond milk or soy milk or upping your vitamin D intake in some significant way. That's what worked for me.


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