Simple Bruscetta

Here's a really easy bruscetta for topping sandwiches and salads. My mom always buys this store made garden salad. It's just iceberg lettuce, cucumber, peppers, onion and a tomato. But then she never eats the tomato. There's a whole tomato in there and she just doesn't want it at all. Yet shee still purchases the salad.

So I try to use it if I can. Tomatoes are good. They deserve to be used.

I'll just dice it up small and then add 3 cloves minced garlic.

Then some ground ginger (fresh if I have it), dry cilantro and ground fennel. Plus some salt and black  pepper.

Sometimes I'll also add some balsamitc vinaigrette. But that's not a requirement.

Let it sit a while in the fridge. The tomato will give up its joices and the flavors wil mingle. It's good on sammies and salads. It's just a nice clean, fresh flavor works well in any situation.


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