Waste Not

I have this idea to do a stock with onion skins and garlic skins. Then add peeled potatoes. and finish with some scallions and minced garlic cloves.

Was watching chopped and really took to heart how in one particular episode they utilized stuff we normally would discard.

I've made onion stock a few times and it's realy great. An easy way to impart lots of flavor to rice. I looked into it and garlic skins can be utilized in the same fashion.

Who knew all these years we wer throwing away so much great taste.

Some kind of smashed potato like creation is what I'm hoping to accomplish. And I just really love scallions. They taste great and hae a beautiful bright green color.

Those Idahoan packets of garlic mashes potatoes are really good, but I'd like to come up with something similar tasting yet much healthier. With far less sodium, but just as much punch. I'd also like to use the potato skins instead of discarding them. I'm thinking roast them in the oven and have a crispy garnish.

I think an onion/garlic broth my be just the right foundation for such an application. The potatoes would be likely to soak up all that flavor is they were peeled and simmered in it.

Am going to give it a try tomorrow. Will let you know how it turns out.

But regardless, never throw away your onion and garlic skins again. Steep them in some water.. They make awesome broth. Use it wherever you would normally add plain water.


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