Vegetarian Vs. Non Food Cost Details

Here in this post I have a more in depth account of cost of foods for myself and my mother. I am eating vegetarian and she is not. I just find the disparity fascinating. It's important to note that shared foods like bread are not included in these totals. And other supermarket purchases such as cleaning supplies and paper products are also not included.

It's also interesting to see how convenience foods regardless of meat content drive up costs. And how yogurt is really pricey. It's fortunate for me that I find yogurt to be vile and disgusting. But those that  enjoy it will notice it's very expensive.

And the oft touted mantra that fresh produce is expensive is clearly debunked. If you shop seasonally and locally it's cheaper than processed alternatives.

You'll also notice my list has far less content. It's missing snacks, desserts and nurtionless add ins like coffee creamer. Even though I made an unplanned purchase in the Kitchen of India pouch which was on sale, my costs were still horrendously lower.

If you're wondering how I feed myself with so little food, I have to tell you it's not that difficult. I usually eat a bean sandwich for breakfast. Accompanied by two big bowls of salad. Sometimes I'll have some potato chips (less than 1 serving) or a few cookies too. For lunch I mostly eat heaping bowls of salad (usually 3) and a single slice of bread with peanut butter or hummus and maybe some popcorn or almonds for dessert. I do not eat dinner.

Normally I'd eat a little more than I have been. But I'm trying to shed a few pounds. If not I'd probably add a small bowlful of flavored rice/beans or mac and cheese to my lunch menu. It's interesting to note I prefer the store brand mac and cheese over the popular Kraft brand. I like Annies, but it's too small. But the store brand (America's Choice) has a great flavor, much less chemically than the Kraft. It's harder to prepare though. I don't prepare it as directed.

I use only a tablespoon of margarine and a few teasponons of almond milk. In place of the extra fat and milk I use nutritional yeast and water. I think the yeast adds a greater depth of flavor, not to mention a more filling caloric profile. I also like to add some garlic, legumes and veggies to my mac and cheese.

At any rate, here are the detailed breakdowns to further flesh out the concept.

This week my vegetarian food purchases were:
1.05 lbs @ 1.49/lb Romaine Lettuce = $1.56
0.45 lbs @ 0.99/lb Red Onion = $0.45
1.56 lbs @ 0.98/lb Broccoli Crowns = $1.53
0.14 lbs @ 2.99/lb Garlic = $0.42
2 Cans Goya Black Beans = $1.48
2 Cans Goya Garbanzo Beans = $1.48
1 Pouch Kitchens of India Chick Pea Curry = $1.98
Total: $8.90

Her meat eater purchases:
Barber Frozen Chicken and Broccoli = $2.99
Store Prepared Tossed Salad = $3.28
Dannon Yogurt 4 Pack = $1.58
Oikos Greek Yogurt 4 Pack = $2.28
Land O Lakes Half and Half = $1.98
2 Lobster Cakes = $1.96
16 oz Shady Brook Farms Italian Turkey Sausage  = $3.98
Almond Breeze Shelf Stable Milk 1 Quart = $2.69
 0.89 lbs @ 1.49/lb Sweet Potatoes = $1.33
Keebler Chips Deluxe = $1.98
2 Four Inch Blueberry Pies = $1.96
2 Jelly Donuts = $1.30
Total: $27.31


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