Bobby Flay's Burgers

When I learned that there's a Bobby Flay's Burgers restaurant not to far away I was excited and intrigued. As a long time fan of both the Food Network and Iron Chef America the idea of consuming something conceptualized by the Iron Chef certainly piqued by interest.

So naturally I googled it to learn more.

I discovered a nice array of burgers with interesting flavor combinations. But was sorely disappointed that there was not vegetarian burger option. I would have thought that Bobby would also be masterful enough to create a stunning veggie burger patty. And was quite disappointed to find he had not.

I would be more than happy to share my own personal favorite black bean burger recipe with him for possible inclusion on his menu. It's right up his alley with lime juice/zest, paprika and other southwestern influences. It's also vegan on top of being vegetarian. So two birds, one stone.  But no dead birds, obviously. And it's also very delicious if I do say so myself.

It would be awesome to taste his take on the veggie burger. I woulda thought him a daring enough chef to try his hand at it.  I was quite disappointed to find there was none.


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