Six Degrees of Meat Cruelty

People like to pretend being vegan or vegetarian is more expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Meat is anywhere from $2.99 per pound to upwards of $5.99 per pound.

Beans on the other hand are about $0.79 per pound. That's canned beans. Which are higher priced than their dried brethren. Which run around $0.50 a pound.

Eating meat is and always will be more costly. The cost of raising animals to slaughter is mind boggling. If we took all the food we allot to feed slaughter animals and simply gave it to people there would be far less hunger. Raising meat animals is a costly busuiness.

The thing that often gets overlooked is that eating meat isn't only animal cruelty. It's people cruelty as well. It's a greater strain n the environment. And it wastes resources. Millions of pounds of corn as fed to cows to create only a fraction of that worth of meat. Selling the the stuff the slaughter animals eat directly to humans would save tons of money and feed far more people.

The thing the meat industry likes forget is animal cruelty is also Earth cruelty and human cruelty. It hurts your children. Your grandchildren. Eating meat impacts the entire global population.It's all connected.

And while not everyone can tolerate eating no meat, we can all do our part to eat less of it. If everyone ate less meat it would have a far greater positive impact than the few of us who eat none at all. Small steps as the saying goes.


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