Leftover Tomato Sauce

Here's an easy way to utilize left over tomato sauce. If you're like me you only use half or 3/4 of the jar when you make classic spaghetti with red sauce. What to do with the rest? It's only good in the frige for a week or 2 after. So you best have some other ideas or be comfortable with throwing it in the trash.

I hate throwing food away, so I'm always schemeing new uses and methods for using up what's been left over after the fact.

Salad with tomato sauce dressing is my newest idea. I just had a regular romaine salad with some carrots and sauted garlic. Instead of adding traditional dressing I used a two teaspoons jar tomato sauce and thinned it out with some white vinegar and a little hot sauce. It worked out beautifully. Salad loves tomatoes in any form. And tomatoes love salad just as much.

Another great use is in a sandwich. You'll want toasted or firm bread for this application. Soft bread will not stand up to the sauce. But basically you just use the sauce as a condiment. Slather it on both sides of your chosen bread. Add your lettuce, beans, cheese, yeast, etc.. It's a really easy way to add a lot of flavor without a lot of effort.

A third idea is as a dipping sauce. You love those tomato based dipping sauces you get at restaurant or in take out. They are delicious. Jarred tomato sauce can serve the same purpose and do it just as tastily. I like to dunk french fries, roasted potatoes and various raw vegetables. But you can dunk pretty much anything in it. Crusty bread. Bagel, pretzels, croutons, celery, crackers. It's the original dip. Spike it with nutritional yeast or hot sauce for interesting kicks.


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