Vegan Pudding

Today I made vegan pudding with almond milk. I used a pre-made pudding mix and of course almond milk. It's important to use the kind you have to cook. The instant kind doesn't work with almond milk. Believe I know. I've tried. You wind up with consistency right in the middle between pudding and sauce. It tastes quite good, but never fully thickens.

The cook top kind of pudding mix works find with vegan milks. Just follow the directions and you'll have a respectable and very delicious pudding in no time at all.

I think vegan pudding is better than the standard kind. Almond milk is already sweeter than regular. And it's a clean sweetness.

Those little boxes don't make much pudding though. They claim four servings, but c'mon. 2, 2 1/2 at the most.

I usually consume less than or equal to the recommended serving size on packages. Hummus, salad, dressing, peanut butter, potatos chips. I never eat a full serving. Bread, cheese, cereal, I eat just about a serving. Chocolate less than. Cookies just at. So when I say the pudding is less than 4 servings you can be sure it's true. It's 3 small servings. 2 normal at best. Still yummy though.


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