Garlic Grilling Season

Fire up the grill. Summer has been slow in its approach, but nevertheless it's almost here. There have been a few grill worthy days so far. Not many, but we take what we can get until the weather decides to be stable.

At the supermarket the other day there was asparagus on sale for $1.98 a pound. That I could not pass up.

When a nice hot, sunny day struck I quickly fired up the grill. Knowing there was no time to waste. I roasted whole potatoes at the bottom while grilled chunks up above. The asparagus cooked quickly atop the potatoes. Just 5 minutes on the hot grill was all it took to create perfectly crispy cooked spears.

I dressed them with some olive oil, marjoram and lemon pepper.

Grilling also creates a great opportunity to roast garlic cloves. Whenever I cook anything on high heat for more than 15 minutes I try to add some garlic to the mix. It's always great to have around.

I just peel the garlic and add all the cloves to a lightly greased foil packet. Whatever I'm cooking. Be it potatoes or broccoli or whatever. If I have the oven or grill hot for something I always make sure to add a packet of garlic. Roasted garlic is a wonderful thing to have on hand.

I like to eat cloves straight up. They are delicious. I also like to mince them to add to sandwiches and rice mixes. Roasted garlic is awesome in just about everything.

Any chance I get to make it, I do.

It's very important to not overcook your vegetables. My mother always decimated our veggies growing up. She'd boil them until nothing but the bad smell and a mealy texture were left .Any nutrients went down the drain with the cooking liquid.

Nowadays we know better. But the microwave is not an option. That's just as bad.

Grill. Stir fry. Steam. Pan cook. Roast. Just treat your veg right and it will do the same for you.


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