Chinese Take Out Sandwich (Vegan)

Here's another awesome vegan sandwich that will make your meat eating friends envious. Fried tofu, black beans and roasted garlic on rye bread.

I like the store brand rye bread. Name brand is very expensive. Our local store band is equally delicious and half the price.

For texture I prefer to toast the bread. Then slather it with roasted garlic hummus on both slices. Sprinkle with some black beans. Lightly. Don't fill up the bread. Garnish with slices of roasted garlic and stir fried tofu, carrots, bamboo shoots and water chestnut.

The trick to this sandwich is to utilize leftover chinese stir fry take out. That elminates most of the work. I get the tofu and veg from there.

The roasted garlic I make when roasting a big batch of my roasted potatoes. I just throw the cloves on top for the final 15 minutes of cooking the taters. Another great trick is you can do this with almost any veg. Works great for roasting red peppers and broccoli among others. Works with fresh and frozen. Just throw them right on top of your almost done potatoes with 15 minutes left in the cooking time.

You can also make your own tofu and veg stir fry. Just cube extra firm tofu. Get a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables. And lightly saute both in oil and some soy sauce. Easy peasy.

It's a salty, crunchy and creamy sandwich with luscious explosions of garlic and the satisfying crunch of lightly cooked veggies.


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