Portioning Your Eggs

I find it a curious thing. When a person eats a hard cooked egg they tend to consume just the one. However, when a person wants scrambled eggs, they usually opt for two. It's a curious discrepancy. How it is that in one instance a single egg will suffice, while in the other, two are neccesary.

That's the kind of messed up stuff that society does to the brai.

So for my own satisfaction I tried something different. I scrambled teo eggs as most poeple might. But I only used half of them at the one meal. I assembled a sandwich. Using whole grain white bread toast, roasted garlic hummus, pepper jack cheese and a single scrambled egg. It was kind of like a fancy grilled cheese.

First I cooked the eggs and then set them aside in a small pyrex container.

Then I assembled the sandwich. A slice of bread, some hummus, a little bit of the egg, a slice of cheese and then another slice of bread.

I then added the constructed sandwich back to the hot pan in which I'd cooked my eggs. Waited patiently for the brad to turn golden on one side and then carefully turned it over to toast the other.

The result was criso bread and melty cheese and a little bit of egg mixed in. ALl in all I managed to get three sandwiches worth out of the 2 scrambled eggs. It's much more satisfying that way. I don't like it when all I've cooked is gone in the same meal.

I ate my sandwiches with a side of some pretzels and little bit of pasta in tomato sauce.

I think this sandwich would also be great with some hot sauce and garlic. Maybe a few potato chips. But it's your sandwich. Garnsih it as you so desire.


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