Cold Sweet Potato Fries

I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes. They always seem too sweet to me. Be they plain or candied or french fried, I was never impressed. I know they are very good for you. Full of vitamins A and C and lots of fiber. Theoretically I adore them. In actuality though, not much of a fan.

That is until I bought some frozen sweet potato crinkle cut fries and decided to eat them chilled. I cooked them first. In the oven. According the package instructions. Then I let them cool. Until they were room temp. Then I put the in the fridge and waited for them to chill down.

They were so different that way. It was amazing. Suddenly I was enjoying eating them. And totally getting that they are a perfect half and half blend of carrot and potato.

Alls I can say is, if you've never liked sweet potatoes before you have to try cold sweet potato fries. They are so different. They are just the right amount of potato texture and just the perfect amount of sweet. I guess the cold changes them a lot.

They're especially delicious broken up into mac and cheese or tossed salad. But they are best eaten solo. Don't use ketchup like you would on regular fries. Instead dip them in vinaigrette dressing or hot sauce.


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