Make Meat Matter

Once you go vegetarian it's in you. You're never the same again. You may falter or waiver or even eat meat, but it will never be as it was. You are changed permanently.

I've discovered I no longer like chicken soup. Of any kind. Of any sort. Not with rice. Not with barley. Not creamy and roasted with garlic. It all just tastes so slimy.

I'm kinda falling back into familiar food habits. Like beans and potatoes and vegetable broth. It's just more appealing.

Not that I don't have cravings. Been wanting a hamburger for several weeks now. And I really don't have any issues consuming one. But then again, I guess, I kinda do. Am torn I guess.

Dunno. Have kinda lost my vigor about the whole subject. It seems a little bit pointless. Society will do whatever it wants to regardless of my choices. And everything else is so shitty. Why shouldn't I enjoy what I can. I guess I would probably. If I could afford it. But on the other hand, I love the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle as well.

What I really need is to split myself down the middle. Let the vegan escape and live her life and let the omnivore have hers as well.

I think a lot of meat eaters could take a lesson from all this. Though I'm certain none of them will. But it's a great thing to eat less meat. It's healthier. It's much less expensive. And if you decide to sometimes imbibe in dead animal flesh, it makes it taste so much better when you do.

You can send the message to the food industry that you have issues with their practices without completely giving it up. If everyone just ate a lot less meat that would be a huge red flag to the manufacturers about our distaste for the way they do things. You could still enjoy meat. You could even enjoy it that much more. Eating something only occasionally really enhances the pleasure.

You don't have to believe me, but it's a fact. If you eat something every day or every other day, it's just that thing you eat all the time. But if you only eat something once a week or once every couple of weeks, it's this amazing rare experience every single time.


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