Vegan Dreaming

I now dream in vegan. It sounds strange, but it's true. I had this whole big dream about a search for a restaurant selling portobello burgers. I wanted one really bad. It was this whole big to do. A long and arduous search for someplace that would make me a proper portobello burger. With the right toppings and in a whole wheat wrap. Which I guess techinically isn't a burger, so much as it is a sandwich. But let's not quibble over the details. In my dream it was referred to quite often as a burger. I think it makes it sound tastier. In the dream I also wanted some vegan onion rings. Which are impossible to find unless you make them yourself. I guess that's why it's called dreaming.

So in the dream I finally found a place that have the mushroom burgers and would also let me teach them how to make vegan onion rings and vegan black bean burgers too. We coated our onions in beer and flour and then deep fried. I dunno if that would work in real life. But it was good in the dream. I also showed the restaurant my method for making vegan black bean burgers. Which they promptly put on the menu. They then hired me at a very generous salary to help oversee their creation and to help design other delicious vegetarian and vegan menu selections.

I imagine most people think vegans dream of juicy hamburgers and filet mignon. I kinda thought I would too. I have the occasional urge for some cheese or some meat. But only during waking hours and not very often. My subconscious has more resolve than the rest of me it would seem.


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