Grilled Roasted Garlic

Everyone loves roasted garlic. It has great flavor and a wonderful appetizing aroma that really enhances a meal. Roasted garlic is traditionally made in the oven. But if you can bake a potato on an outdoor grill, surely you can roast garlic that way as well. It's quite easy and yields the same magnificent results.

I used a foil packet to grill my garlic and it worked out great. I was grilling some baked potatoes and just plopped the garlic packet right on top of them for the last 30 minutes.

I first peeled and de-stemmed the cloves. Then  stuck them in the foil packet with some olive oil and salt. I poked a few holes in the packet with a fork. Done and done.

After your potatoes have cooked for 30 minutes on your grill, throw the packet on there too. 30 more minutes later you've got potatoes and roasted garlic.

Take one of your roasted garlic cloves and use your fork to mash it into the meat of the potato. Add some fresh cracked black pepper. Soooo gooood.

Other great applications for your grilled roasted garlic are: spread on a sandwich, add to a pasta salad, spread on toast. Heck, I even like to just eat the little buggers straight up.


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