Budget Friendly Vegan

Whenever I search vegan or vegetarian recipes on the internets they always seem to have several major flaws. The biggest being they are always so complicated. With tons of ingredients and lots and lots of steps to prepare them. We're vegans, but we stil have jobs and lives. They also would be very expensives. All those ingredients cost money. Fresh produce especially can be quite pricey. I'm all for using local, fresh fruits and veggies, but we don't have to use all of them in a single dish.

I belive you'll find that my recipes are just as delicious as those complex ones with way less steps involved. And that mine are also much more budget friendly. If you're a wealthy vegan, good for you. But if you're like most Americans, you want cost effective. That's what I try to do with my cooking and with sharing it here. Offer easy to cook and inexpensive to make vegan recipes that taste just as good as (maybe even better) than all those fancy ones.

Try some out for yourself. I hope you'll agree.


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