Gosh Dern Restaurants

The food world needs a serious attitude adjustment. They are all stuck in this sickening repetition of cheese and meat. Especially restaurants. They are the worst perpetrators of all. Every dish is meat and cheese. Or meat and salad. Or meat and more meat.

We get it. People like meat. Or people don't have a choice. You don't let them choose anything else. What they heck is wrong with some beans or nuts or tofu. All right. Meat eaters hate tofu. It's pretty good deep fried, but I get that omnivores aren't into it. But what they heck is wrong with beans. Everyone eats beans.

So why can't there be bean salads and bean sandwiches on menus? Surely the beans would not go to waste even if no vegans happened to enter your establishment. Is it too much to ask to want a bean sandwich. It seems a simple request. Some bun, some black beans, some hummus, some red onion, some lettuce. Done. And don't over charge me for it. It cost you virtually nothing to construct. And keep the eggs and dairy out of it. Or offer me that option.

You're basically just utilizing ingredients you already have on hand for other dishes. The addition of the beans is minor and can be used to create healthy side dishes.

I am truly baffled by the restaurant industry's reluctance to offer vegan choices. It would be so easy and cost so little.


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