I'm going to attempt going vegan again. I've always wanted to do it. Ran in to some problems along the way. But I think I finally have it sorted out.

I dunno if this has ever happened to anyone else, but fruit was a huge issue. If I don't drink cow's milk I have a hard time digesting raw fruits. The sweeter ones at least. The starchy ones, like banana aren't a problem. It seems obvious it's a digestive issue as cooking the fruit solves it. And cooking breaks down enzymes and aids in the digestive process.

Dunno the science behind it. Not exactly. I know that drinking cow's milk, which is full of lactose causes the body to create lactase. This is how our bodies process the lactose in milk. What the heck that has to do with eating an apple or some cantaloupoe, I don't really know. But there is some connection there. At least for my body anyway.

I've been off cow's milk and raw fruit for many months now without incident. When I originally went off cow's milk and kept eating fruit the problems arose quickly.

The hard part about being vegan isn't life without cheese. At least not for me. The hard part is how milk appears as an ingredient in so many foods. It's pervasive. They stick milk in everything. They need to stop doing that.


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