Montreal Seasoning Quick Broth

Here's a nifty trick I use when I want the flavor of broth, but don't have any on hand. Vegetable broth is mostly salt with a few other spices thrown in. It's nothing all that special and isn't usually worth the price they charge. But it has a lot of flavor to impart to bland foods like lentils, barley and rice.

When I want the taste of broth without the expense I reach for montreal seasonings. Montreal steak or chicken seasonings by McCormick or a knock off brand are an easy way to create an instant broth. Just add a few teaspoons to water and you're good to go. They seem overpriced and they are, but there are many many servings in that little jar.

You could save even more by mixing your own. Just read the ingredients on the jar and replicate it.

It's a great way to cook lentils and barley. Really adds a lot of flavor. I like to use some additional spices and stuff too. I try to create a kind of cajun dirty rice flavor. Some mustard greens. Paprika, chili powder, cayenne powder, onion powder, garlic powder, dry thyme, fresh garlic, a little lousiana hot sauce.

I sprinkle with soy bacon bits just before eating.

Really good. Really cheap. Really easy.


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