Dead Things

Here are a few pointers. Things vegetarians and vegans should watch out for. Hidden animals in our food.

Fish oil in buttery spread. Some spreads can contain fish oils. Decidely not vegetarian.

Gelatin is in so many food. Marshmallows. Jelly beans. Yogurt. Cheese. People think of yogurt and cheese are automatically vegetarian. Not true at all. Many yogurts have gelatin as an ingredient. So do some processed cheeses. Gelatin is made from ground up animal bones.

Milk is in so many foods. So many foods where it simply doesn't belong. Breadcrumbs. Soup. Rice mixes. You name it, it probably has some milk in it. Microwave popcorn really threw me for a loop. Why? The A and P store brand is milk free I believe. But it has a lot more fat than other lite popcorns. You're probably much better off with plain kernels and a brown paper bag.

It's an interesting phenomena though. I often find the store brand has simpler, more vegan friendly ingredients. Breadcrumbs, popcorn, cookies, salad dressing, cereal. I wonder why that is.

I wonder what is wrong with the world that it so often conspires to sneak animal ingredients into foods that sound so innocuous. It's like the world or the food industry at least, is trying to force us to consume amimals.

Never forget the food industry is evil and corrupt and not to be trusted.


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