Dairy Dependence

Lately I've been thinking about going vegan again. I tried it a few times. First time was a disaster. I did not get that eating fruit without consuming dairy was fucking up my body. Now I get that. And I can live without fruit. Bananas were okay. And cooked fruit too. And I can even eat a little raw now. But not much. I've yet to find any info on this on the Internet, but that's definitely my problem. I can't eat raw fruit if I haven't been consuming a fair amount of cow's milk. Strange but true.

But now that I know this, that makes going vegan a lot easier. Well, not easier really, but less confusing.

I love cheese though. But I'm kinda getting sick of it. And I do feel bad about eating it. It's one of the few dairy items I haven't been able to eschew. I haven't had ice cream in ages. Don't drink milk either. But cheese. Wow. That's a hard one to give up. But I think I'm getting near my fill. It just doesn't taste as good as it used to.

The real issue is milk in other foods. Pre-made stuff. Like microwave popcorn. I'd have to buy the kernel and flavor them myself. And rice mixes. Most of those are not vegan either. Those are tasty and convenient. But I guess, all in all, there's not that much that I eat that I need to adjust. I've already cut way back on the milk containing foods.

Pizza is the real problem. I've been known to eat cheese less pizza and even enjoy it, but the cheese aspect is very appealing.

It's a slow process. At least for me anyway. I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.


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