Egg Free Cookies

I recently discovered this line of cookies at my local supermarkets that is sans eggs. It's called food basics. They're very cheap. They are like below store brand. But oddly, they taste very good. I really like the iced oatmeal cookies. They don't taste particularly oatmeally, however, they do taste good. I've also tried the chocolate chip variety and was again pleasantly surprised at the nice texture and flavor. The chocolate chip version was moist, but not too chewy. There weren't a whole lotta chips, but the flavor was much better than I expected. Definitely better than a chips ahoy or a chips deluxe. Similar to an Archway, but not quite as chemically chewy.

These cookies aren't just eggless, they're also lower in fat and calories than your typical big brands. Which is just another plus. They are very low cost. The packaging is totally unappealing, but the gems hidden inside as really nice. I get them in both Pathmark and A and P. Target has their own brand of similar cookies, if you like to shop there. And now I totally prefer them over the premium brands.

It totally boggles my mind how the off brands always seem to have simpler and more vegan friendly ingredients. Not just in cookies. Store brand breadcrumbs don't have the milk other brands do. Store brand microwave popcorn - same deal. Now I've come to learn store brand cookies are the same way. It's really interesting when you really start reading ingredients. Store brands keep things simple. They don't add extraneous ingredients just to cater to big dairy. Which is nice and should be supported.


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