Barbecue Curry

I made a new kind of curry the other day. We had gotten some barbecue sauce free from the a and p. When I smelled my mother cooking her chicken with it I was inspired to utilize it myself.

So since we didn't have any vegetable broth or any cans of tomatoes and I wanted to make some curry lentils I decided the barbecue sauce might make a decent ingredient.

I cooked some lentils and barley in a combo of water and several heaping teaspoons of curry powder. When that had simmered for a while I added the barbecue sauce, some spicy mustard, some Louisiana hot sauce and some frozen mustard greens.

I left that for 10 more minutes or so. Add some more water. More curry powder. A little more barbecue sauce. 5 more minute to cook.

Add some chopped garlic. Paprika. Chili powder. Onion powder. More curry powder. I like a lot of curry. A little more water. A little more hot sauce. Of course I"m tasting as I go.

When the lentils were nearly done I added some frozen bell pepper strips and removed the whole pot from the heat. Tasted again. Added a little more curry powder and paprika.

A strong curry is a good curry. Woulda been better if I had some jalapeno. But the chili powder and the hot sauce made up for it. And the sweet smokiness of the barbecue sauce added a nice dimension. It came out very good. Great on its own or in a sandwich. It's really good with imitation bacon bits


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