Vegan Smart Dog and Saffron Rice Sandwich

Here's a bizarre little sandwich both vegans and vegetarians can enjoy. It uses lightlife smart dogs and carolina saffron rice and some sabra hummus. It's a little unusual to say the least, but tastes pretty great.

I made this sandwich the next day after I'd made the carolina saffron rice. So it was all nice and chilled. I augmented the rice mix with chopped frozen kale and some colorful bell peppers.

I made a lightlife dog in the microwave and then cut it into small slices. On a sesame seed roll I assembled my sandwich. Both sides of the bun lathered with delicious garlicy hummus. Then the dog slices. Then piled high with the chilled rice/pepper/kale mix.

The lightlife dogs gave it that meaty texture. The hummus imbued it with that creamy mayonnaise feel. The rice was sweet and spicy. The bell peppers crunchy. The kale chewy. It truly was a well rounded sandwich. It had all the elements a good sandwich requires. Texture. Freshness. Richness. Spice. Crunch. A little sweetness.

This sandwich really goes a long way in proving meat and cheese are not a sandwich necessity. Try it yourself and be convinced.


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