Vegetarian and Vegan Staple Foods

Vegetarian Staples
Lentils. They are fast cooking and full of protein and iron. They are super cheap and really easy to dress up with a store bought dressing, some curry powder or just cook them in veg broth instead of water.

Black beans. The very best bean by far. Great straight out the can on bread in a sandwich with pickles and nutritional yeast. Aweseome in a salad with corn and lime juice. THe ultimate veggie burger pureed with panko bread crumbs, nutritional yeast and some spices.

Borden cheese slices. The only processed cheese I've ever found that claims to be completely vegetarian (not animal enzymes in the cheese making process). These classic american cheese food slices melt easily and taste great.

Cabot cheddar cheese. Delicious animal enzyme free cheddar cheese which enormous flavor. All cabot cheese boast vegetarian origins.

Pearl barley. A much cheaper and heartier alternative to white rice. A quicker cooking and just as healthy substitute for brown rice. Pearl barley is as inexpensive as it is simple to prepare. Simmer for 20 minutes in water or broth and you're good to go. It comes in store brand, but even the name brands are very low cost. It goes wherever you want rice to go and is more filling.

Hormel vegetarian chili. Canned food aren't great, but this is an exception. Low cost. Great flavor. Good quality. Lots of coupons. Quick and easy. Always keep some in your pantry. Packed with beans and soy protein and spicy chili flavor. Mix with some rice or barley and some veg for fast and well rounded meal.

Potatoes. I love potatoes. They are delicious. They taste great. They are cheap. They are easy for anyone to cook. No one can mess up baking a potato. The longer you cook it the softer it becomes. Like butter. Roasted potatoes are my favorite. Easy as cutting them into a few chunks and roasting at 450 degree F for 30 minutes - turning once halfway through. The roasted potato is one of my favorite foods of all time. So basic, yet incredibly flavorful.

Spices. A braod term to be sure. But flavor is a vegetarian's best friend. Garlic. Jalapeno. Curry powder. Vegetable broth. Canned tomatoes. All these things simply and easily add tons of flavor without adding animal products.

Vegan Staples
Mostly the same as the vegetarian ones. Potatoes. Barley. Lentils. Yeast flakes. Hormel chili (which is vegan).

Also, oreo cookies. You gotta have some snacks. Oreos are vegan. I like the vanilla/vanilla ones, but that's just me.

Lightlife or Tofurky deli slices are super convenient and tasty.

Polenta. I haven't eaten the commercial varieties. But I like to make my own vegan polenta with corn meal and broth.

Hummus is a wonderful replacement for mayonaisse and cheese. Way more flavor. Most commercial hummus is vegan. But making your own is not a bad idea.

Potato chips. Not the healthiest choice, but plain or salt and vinegar chips are usually vegan and have some respectable nurtitional value. Vitamin C, Iron, Magenesium and Iron to name a few.

Soy or Almond milk. These are must haves for vegans. I prefer soy milk. The flavor is better and so is the protein. In the case of almond milks, Silk brand has vitamin B12, while Blue Diamond does not.

Peanut Butter. Simple. Easy. The PB and J sandwich wokrs for vegans as well as it does for toddlers. Filling and nutritionally sound. It's fatty, si it's not a great idea to eat often, but it's quick and cheap and good for your body.

Whole grains are also a must have. Overly refined or proceseed grains are acceptable, but not ideal. You'll need to combine some whole grains with legumes or nuts to create complete proteins. Whole wheat bread or pasta. Whole grain cereals. Brown rice. Whole, unadulterated grains are a must of the vegan diet.


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