Black Bean Burgers

I'm thinking about maybe black bean burgers. I love black beans. They are my favorite bean. And quite frankly, I'm sick of so many restaurants and food companies making vegetarian burgers with eggs in them. I know that eggs are technically vegetarian, but I find that quite sad. I think eggs are a much crueler food choice than say scallops or shrimp. I don't eat scallops or shrimp either, but if forced to choose between those and eggs I'd have to choose either scallops of shrimp.

I fail to see how tortured egg laying hens are a kinder choice than brainless bivalves and bottom feeders. I mean, that is, if you're a vegetarian for the purpose of being kind to animals. Egg laying hens are severely tortured. And even if you eat cruelty free eggs from a local farm, the eggs in other foods you might consume are from who knows where.

Anyway, that was a tangent. I know that Gardenburger makes a black bean burger free of eggs, but I can't see spending $5 on 4 frozen burgers that have virtually no flavor. I think I can make a much tastier black bean burger. My evidence... my extremely delicious black bean salad.

I shall endeavour to concoct my black bean burgers free of eggs as a binding agent. I'm thinking some polenta will do the trick. Some panko breadcrumbs with also come to the party. What else... I'm still not sure.

But it will be delicious and egg free and vegetarian and you will envy me because of it.


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