Vegan Sausage Risotto

My apologies. I have not been creating new veg dishes lately. Have just been cycling through eating the ones I've already detailed here. I like them, so I revisit often. But new posts that does not make.

However, I have been contemplating a new vegan recipe lately. It's a bit time consuming and requires some ingredients I don't currently have on hand. But it's a re-make of something I used to make before I went veg. Back then I was famous (amongst family anyway) for my turkey sausage risotto. They would beg me to make it. Now they don't beg me to make anything cause it won't have meat. sigh. Well, no, that's not entirely true, they really do love my vegetarian lasagna with beans.

But having had the good fortune to get a free sample of lightlife smart ground sausage flavor not that long ago and having enjoyed it very much, got me to thinking. It might be a perfect way to recreate the risotto I was once so beloved for without killing any turkeys. I don't see why it can't be just as delicious, if not better.

I'll need to get some arborrio rice, some vegetable broth and some smart ground sausage too. I'll also need to convince someone in my family to at least give it a try. All daunting tasks. But I feel inspired by this idea and have to give it a try. Heck, even if I eat it all by myself, their loss and my gain.

Will report back with recipe and pic once the deed has been done.

Wish me luck.


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