Curried Lentils and Barley

I bought curry powder in the supermarket the other day. Yes, I'm well aware that it's 'wrong' to buy curry powder. That one is supposed to buy the individual spices are combine them in their own tested and preferred preference. But to buy all those spices did not seem practical. Even buying the curry powder didn't really seem practical. It was $3.19 for this little tiny jar. I guesstiamte it's 7-10 uses. But I really love curry and it's cheaper than buy pre-made. Beside that, I"m kind of interested to create my own, even if it's the half ass curry powder kind, I think there are still many details one can add to make it their own.

The use of fresh garlic enhances any dish. In my opinion big chunks of lightly cooked garlic are just about the best thing one can possibly put into one's mouth. I kind of plan on borrowing from several pre-made curries I've tasted and adding a few tricks of my own. I don't plan on a entirely authentic Indian curry, but rather a fusion of sorts. I'm going to try it with some lentils and barley. Mostly because lentils are kinda bland and I have a bunch of dried barley and lentils hanging around. I've cooked with them a lot and created a few interesting dishes, but I've never attempted a homemade curry before and I love a new adventure.

I'm thinking, lentils, barley, can o tomatoes, lotsa garlic, a jalapeno or two and some curry powder. I'll probably change things up when I actually get to cooking, but that seems a mighty tasty starting point.

I definitely hope to keep it vegan and am confident this is a dish that can live up to the task.

More to come...


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